pssst hey

everyone come and say hi to my new medic

pssst hey

everyone come and say hi to my new medic

Don’t ever tell me that you can’t improve, or that your art will always suck, or anything like that. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. See that inbred animu cyclops with lines that make your eyes bleed? That was what my art looked like when I first entered the tf2 fandom. That was my first oc, Maddie. (she looks hella different now). Now, see that big handsome motherfucker with the kritz beside her? That’s Josef. He’s my newest Medic. I started drawing him a few days ago.

2012 vs. 2014

You can always fucking improve.

Btw, I’m gonna be gone for most of Fri-Sun. this week because I’m going to a convention :U 

O-ho. Just gonna melt and dissolve into little giggles between kisses.


"Oh, Claudiu."

Very gently, he picks the smaller man up as best he can and lays him down on his bed, and kisses his forehead. Letting him rest, the former Tenta begins to clean up the large mess.

He keeps the tooth in his pocket.

The unconsious Medic uttered a tired little sound— a half-attempt at a giggle. However, he fell into silence again soon and slowly curled around his pillow. As always, he drooled everywhere and made himself into a little ball of Medic.

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The recoil knocks Gabe back a bit, and he pants, tense and letting the adrenaline run its course. He looks around at the scene. The wolf should be tossed into the furnace- just throwing it outside could infect scavengers that came to dine on the cadaver.

But first things first.

He crosses the room, leaving footprints of blood and wine, and knelt at the side of his poor sweetheart.

"Claudiu? … Are you alright, cher?"

Well, he was alive. Bruised, missing a tooth, and aching— but very much alive. He felt around for the missing molar before spitting it out and raising a brow.

"Am ok. Here. You have dis." He slurred, grinning and presenting Gabe with the tooth as if it had been a wedding ring. With that, the little Medic blacked out. His head hit the floor with a thump.

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A single nod. Claudiu’s wellbeing was paramount to him. He isn’t sure if the Medic is still upset with him or not but that didn’t matter- Gabe was not about to let him get eaten by a rabid wolf.

Poor creature. He’d hoped to lead it back out into the woods, but it would only suffer, be a danger to itself and others. Best to put it out of its misery. Grimly, he draws his Ambassador and braces himself for the recoil. No sense in prolonging things.

The creature growled again, and sprung.

Gabe fired.

Claudiu leaped for the window, only remembering too late that he had closed it much earlier. His head smacked against the glass, followed by a series of quieter crashes and clatters as he rebounded against his desk and finally to the floor. Poor idiot. At least he’d be fine after awhile.

The same could not be said for the wolf, as it fell with a yelp and thump, white-furred head now leaking a pool of bright, sticky red. It’s glassy eyes stared ahead without focus, without true direction.

Claudiu groaned.

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He’d come with roses and a bottle of chocolate infused wine. Both of these hit the floor, the glass crashing and alcohol pooling across the floor.

Thankfully, the racket catches the beast’s attention.

"Come on, you mangy cur…"

He gives a slight tilt of his head. Get out. Climb out the window if you have to, while I have him distracted…

Claudiu nearly fell at the sound of glass shattering, but he caught himself and held tighter to the ceiling lamp. 

Wait—… Gabe was here. He smiled, hopeful as always. The snarling mutt below turned to face the Spy, swinging his head around and leaving a trail of foamy saliva. Ah, probably rabid. It growled and bared its teeth.

'Are you sure?' The Medic mouthed his question in near-silence as not to alert the wolf again.

(Source: blighted-beak)

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"Oh-!" Claudiu squeaked as his mouth was suddenly overtaken by the other, hands flinching back in shock. However, he’d soon settle into the sudden affection and return it just as sincerely.

Nate soon parted the kiss, his breathing picked up a bit as he smiles up at the medic. “Um…Hi…” he says, his voice soft, still pressed up against Claudiu.

Cheeks now ruddy and flushed, the smiling Medic looked down at the other with a raise of his thick, black brows. “Ah… Hallo. Is nice to be meeting you. I ahm Claudiu.”